Afenifere wants security architecture re-organised, removal of Defence Minister

January 31, 2018

Pan Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, yesterday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately reorganise the country’s security architecture to reflect the diversity of the country.

The call was one of the high points of the communique issued at the end of its monthly meeting held at the Ijapo, Akure, Ondo State residence of its leader, Mr Reuben Fasoranti.

At the meeting attended by notable leaders and members from the six South-west states, Kwara and Kogi States, the organisation declared that “the current situation where 16 out of 17 service chiefs in the country are from a section of the county is unhealthy and unacceptable.”

In the communique read by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, Afenifere  called for immediate removal of Minister of Defence, Mr Monsur Dan Alli, a retired Major-General, for his insensitivity to the killings of Nigerians.”

The organisation said  removing the minister is the only way to show that the lives of Nigerians still count.

Afenifere expressed worries about “the huge killings field Nigeria has become in recent times in the hands of armed Fulani herdsmen/militias”.

It stated that the situation was  evident in the New Year massacre in Benue State, the killings in Adamawa, Taraba, Ekiti, Plateau, Ogun, Ondo and other states in Nigeria.

“This has been accompanied by arsonists attacks on the farms of Mr Olu Falae, Mr. Dele Adigun, Mr Samuel Afolayan, Mr Bisi Rodipe, and several other plantations across the country.

“These killings and arsonist attacks now wear the garb of state approved, given the loud silence of the president over these dastardly acts and in fact asking the Governor of Benue State to find accommodation with the killers.

“Inspector General of Police (IG) has also said the killers are Nigerians while the Minister of Defence has blamed the killings on the promulgation of anti-open-grazing law and the blockage of grazing routes in an official sanctioning of the horrendous killings.

“Nigeria today has become a primitive and barbaric enclave as the state is either complicit or unwilling to stop these dastardly acts,” it stated.

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The organisation therefore called on the president to rise up to the challenge of his office by addressing the country directly on these developments that threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria and ensure the killings are stopped and the perpetrators brought to book.

Also, Afenifere demanded the  immediate disarming of all Fulani herdsmen carrying AK-47 all over Nigeria.

The organisation expressed stiff opposition to the proposal of the  federal government to establish cattle colonies in states of the federation.

“We reject cattle colonies as the concept is offensive, repugnant, and an affront on the rights of non-Fulani communities across Nigeria as their lands would now be forcefully acquired and be subjected to an alien culture and rule in the name of cattle rearing.

“To this end, Yoruba people would not allow any colony on their land as we are a free people. Anyone who wants to raise cow within our space should do ranching.

“Above all, we ask Yoruba entrepreneurs to venture into ranching to produce cows for domestic consumption and exportation,” Afenifere said.

The organisation called for immediate restructuring of Nigeria into a proper federation within the federating units having their own police to guarantee internal security and law enforcement.

“We call on  the  government to put a halt to the culture of repression going on in the country and for the government to realize that we are in a constitutional democracy where the rule of law should prevail,” Afenifere stated.

It also called for a collective rescue effort by patriots across Nigeria in organising and mobilising effectively for a movement around Federalism that can save Republic from collapse and put Nigeria back on track and guarantee security of lives and property and prosperity for all Nigerians.

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