Covering eyebrows in TIN FOIL like a takeaway is the latest beauty trend (See photos)

September 3, 2017

If you ever thoughtsquiggly eyebrows is the worst trend to ever hit the makeup world, please hold on. Another bizarre new trend that has ladies covering their eye brows in tin foil is here and it is going viral!

Make-up artists and beauty bloggers are showing it off on Instagram. See photos below:

Covering eyebrows in TIN FOIL

This head-scratching trend involves reaching for aluminium foil, (yes you can use that foil in your kitchen you use for cooking moi-moi).

Simply cut a brow shape out of the foil. Get some eyelash glue, place the sticky residue over your brows and then artfully place the foil strips over your eyebrows to perfect the space-age trend.

Voila! – this is what you get.

Covering eyebrows in TIN FOIL new trend

eyebrows in TIN FOIL

Covering eyebrows in TIN FOIL new beauty craze

Ladies, would you rock this?

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