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Football Fan Stabs Friend Over Football Match In Niger State

October 18, 2016


A 28-year-old man allegedly stabbed his friend over football match at a viewing centre in Hausawa area of Madalla, Niger State.

An witness said the incident happened on Saturday, October 15th, during Premier League football match between Chelsea and Leicester City Football Club, which ended 3:0 in favour of the former.

An argument is said to have ensued between the accused identified as Nasiru Yahaya, a fan of Leicester City and the victim, Aliyu Saidu, who supported Chelsea Football Club. The two friends had betted N500 on the match, but when Chelsea eventually won the match, the accused refused to give the victim N500.

He said the argument resulted into a fight and the accused allegedly ran to a nearby shop, carried a bottle, broke it and stabbed his friend on his hands and back. He fled the scene but was later arrested by vigilantes and handed over to the police.The injured victim was taken to clinic in the area where he is currently receiving treatment.

A member of a vigilante, who confirmed the incident, said that the family of the accused later went to the police station along with the family of the victim to resolve the matter after the accused had accepted to foot the medical bill of the injured man.

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