Graphic: Trailer crushes bike man to death; 3 others die as another car swerves off the road in Minna 

July 16, 2017

Two accidents have occurred at different locations in Minna, Niger state!
According to Naseer Muhammad Laiyee, here’s what he shared on Facebook;

‘Death is innavigable. No one know when is he/she will going to die.
2 accident occur today at different location, through minna western by pass maitumbi.
Fulani man was ontop bike, when trailer crush him to death.
B4 Adex maitumbi western by pass.

Another car who miss road, from ben-jamma’a western by pass & cost the life of 3 people inside the car.
Oh Allah save us always.
May Almighty Allah.Forgive them.May the soul of every Muslim ummah rest in perfect peace.

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