Meet Yvonne Orji -The Virgin Nigerian Actress Making Waves In Hollywood

July 26, 2017

Rising star Yvonne Orji is reinventing the way TV portrays the single woman. She is also a devout Christian and a Chris Rock approved stand up comedian.


In her interview with theuncut, the 33-year old dishes it all out. She shares why she decided to keep her virginity till marriage.

Unlike Molly, the character she plays on Insecure Yvonne doesn’t date much. Being realistic she says

“I’m not the chick everyone would want to date. I’m not smashing. I’m not naïve. I know it’s 2017”.

Yvonne Orji talks more about the differences between her and Molly. On the show Molly could be described as quite snobbish but when the curtains drop Yvonne Orji buys peanuts from the 99-cent store and goes home to a roommate.

Her role on the HBO breakout comedy series is quickly putting her face on the map.

Before Insecure, the actress thought she would go into a career like Medicine. She did, in fact, get her Masters in Public Health, but she soon discovered comedy when she entered a campus beauty pageant as a favour to the organiser, and wound up performing a five-minute set about her family. She loved it — and, more important, she felt it was what God wanted her to do.

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