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PHOTOS: Evidences from Davido’s latest music videos proof he may be part of Illuminati

May 17, 2017

Just a few days after welcoming his second baby into the world, news of Davido’s likely involvement with Illuminati raises some questions. The singer who is topping charts in many countries with his song If is said to have shown signs particular to the group in the music video.

A social media user Aldexrio activated his eagle eye and pointed out some of the symbols and their use in the music video.

Davido is yet to admit or deny the accusation but his Nigerian fans are wondering if their favourite singer is now a devil worshiper.

Davido wearing symbolic vest

The first suspicion is the scene where Davido is wearing a white coat with black stripes. In Illuminati language, according to research; black and white patterns on carpets, walls and environment in music videos are a strong symbol of Illuminati’s influence in the videos.

The colour red is used to describe temptation. In The video, Davido is seen wearing a jacket with red patch at the back. which guards the eye in a pyramid. In Illuminati language, it is used as a form of distraction, temptation or seduction in videos.

Davido in music video

Finally, the most prominent is the pyramid with the eye of Horus (the all seeing eye). In the video, Davido wore a jacket with the eye put in red triangle at the back.

Will Davido address this allegation? Time will tell.

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