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Super Poligamist of Bida with 96 wives is dead

January 29, 2017

Super-Polygamist of Bida is Dead


The controversial super-polygamist and Islamic preacher, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bello Masaba is dead. He died this afternoon (Saturday) after a brief illness in his Bida residence. He was 93 years. 

Personal assistant to the controversial cleric, Alhaji Mutairu Salawudeen Bello disclosed this in a telephone interview. 

“With gratitude to Allah (SWT) we announce the death of Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bello this afternoon. He was aged 93 years. He died after a brief illness. 

“The Janiza prayer and interment is slated for tomorrow (Sunday) by 10am,” Bello who was sobbing on phone announced. 

The personal aide to the late Islamic cleric said that the late Islamic preacher who passed on on Saturday around 2pm had fore-told his death and was prepared for it. 

According to Bello, “Baba had told us that his time was up. Infact, he told me personally during his last moment that he has completed his divine assignment and was ready to meet his creator. 

“He told us to remain dedicated to the cause of Islam and urged us all not to deviate from all his teachings on righteousness, piety and total submission to the will of Allah. He warned us to shun adultery but that we should marry as many women because it is ‘Hallal’ before Allah and not to engage in extra-martial relationships or prostitution, which is ‘Haram’ before our creator,” Bello stated.

Earlier on Saturday palpable fear and air of uncertainty had gripped the home of the super-polygamist as his deteriorating health and rumoured death caused scare among his followers. 

The inability of the 93 year old controversial Islamic preacher to attend congregational prayer at the ground floor of his expanse house in the last two days due to his failing health had been of concern to members of his family and followers. 

Unconfirmed source said that tension had been mounting since Friday, when the Islamic cleric slumped twice and it became pronounced this morning when “Baba”, as he is fondly called by his followers and admirers, failed to attend his popular Saturday morning Islamic teaching which attracts participants from within and outside Niger State. 

These developments gave room for the speculation of the death of the octogenarian preacher, as members of his sect were seen in twos discussing while many of his associates refused picking calls. 

As at noon time today, sources within the Masaba enclave denied the passing away of the preacher who came to limelight following a face-off between him, some Islamic scholars and the then Niger State government over his outright flaunting of the Islamic law that forbids male adherents of the faith from marrying more than four wives. 

Masaba has over 90 wives. 

Personal Assistant to the cleric, Bello in a telephone chat had denied the rumour. According to him, “Baba is alive. Baba is not dead. We are Muslims. We don’t hide the death of any faithful. All I can tell you is that Baba is alive. 

“This is the second time of his rumoured death in the last six months. By tomorrow morning, I will give official and detail information about Baba’s health,” Bello stated.   

But another impeccable source and a close follower of the cleric admitted that the octogenarian has been having some health challenges in recent time adding that the development has affected his activities. 

” Baba is not dead. The fact is, age is not on his side and people should not expect a 97 year old man to be as active as a 50 year old. Baba is alive though slightly indisposed due to old age,” our source disclosed. 

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