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Two female teachers lost control of their tempers, exchanged deadly kicks and blows infront of student (VIDEO)

May 29, 2017

Video of two female teachers squaring it out physically right in front of their students during class lesson has hit the internet and the parents are angry.

The two unnamed ladies, who are reportedly from Stone Mountain Middle School in Atlanta, lost control of their tempers and went for each other’s throat as terrified students watched and screamed for help.

Footage of the deadly exchange shows the two pissed off women (teacher and her assistant) kick, slap, push and try to tear each other apart. One of the students approaches in attempts to split them, but clearly he is no match for any of the two adults.


These unnamed teachers from Stone Mountain Middle School in Atlanta lost control of their tempers and went for each other’s throat.

The fight continues momentarily before another lady, suspected to be one of the staffs at the school, enters the classroom in haste and tries to separate the two.

Video of the dramatic and shocking classroom brawl went viral. School administration has since cracked the whip, even as parents furiously react to the incident.

Shocking classroom brawl between teacher and her assistance.

“What took place in that class is completely unacceptable. The teachers’ conduct went against our moral values and principles. We therefore had to expel the two members of staff from the institution’s premises,” reads a statement sent to the parents.

The parents were reportedly satisfied with the decision and action that the school administration took against the two unruly staff members.

Stone Mountain Middle School.

It is not yet clear why the two female teachers wanted to finish each other.

Watch video of teachers fighting in front of students:

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